Could you give a home to lovable lad Rocco?

The next instalment of our weekly series dedicated to Alnwick-based dog sanctuary, SHAK

By The Newsroom
Monday, 20th August 2018, 7:00 am

Hard work and love by the dedicated guardian angels at SHAK have helped to transform the life of Rocco.

The dog, who was due to be put down, was saved by the charity when he was six months old.

Since that time, he has changed from an animal which constantly bit his lead, to one which is more chilled and has much love to give.

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Now, SHAK feels the time is right to see if anyone can offer him a forever home.

SHAK founder Stephen Wylie said: “I wanted to introduce readers to one of our long-termers who has really progressed in our care.

“Rocco came to us at six months old after he was booked in at the vets to be destroyed for being destructive. He was still just a puppy and quite rightly deserved that chance.

“Once he arrived, we found he had a more serious issue in that somebody had thought it was fun to play tug of war with him on the lead, which then resulted in him always biting the lead, even at walk times.

“Over the time he has been here, we have worked very hard to desensitise him to the obsession with the lead and now he looks proud as punch carrying his training dummy everywhere he goes.

“Rocco loves people and has shared his kennel with other dogs during his stay – he really is a happy little lad.

“I often get asked if I would re-home certain dogs, with Rocco being one who often crops up. I’d love to see Rocco in a home but would have to one that is very understanding and where he wasn’t left on his own. He has so much love to give.”

If you are interested in learning more about Rocco, send an email to [email protected]