Condition survey is set to take place on town war memorial

Amble War memorial
Amble War memorial

A condition survey of Amble War Memorial is to take place imminently.

Earlier this year, it was revealed at the town council that important repairs are needed for the structure.

Water is leaking into the memorial from the roof and is sitting on the central mechanism box that controls the dial faces of the clock and saturating the original beams that support the concrete floors at various levels inside the memorial.

During recent inclement weather, the water was shorting the auto-wind system and stopping the clock.

On Thursday, town-council clerk, Elaine Brown, said that Huddersfield-based engineering consultants Patrick Parsons will soon be carrying out an internal and external survey of the memorial and a report will be received within 15 working days.

The town council acknowledges the importance of the war memorial and is attempting to have repairs carried out as soon possible, guided by the correct methods due to its listed status.

A pre-grant inquiry to the War Memorials Trust has encouraged the council to submit a grant request for the condition survey. The current response time is up to 10 weeks so the town council has agreed to progress the condition survey without grant funding and a grant application would be submitted for any repairs based on the findings of the survey.

Meanwhile, an engineer from clock-making firm Smith of Derby will do a survey of the clock next week.