CONCERT: Sickened by arrangements

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I would just like to echo the views of Beverley Winn’s excellent letter regarding the forthcoming concert on Saturday, (Northumberland Gazette, August 3).

I, too, attended the fiasco that was the Tom Jones concert two years ago and vowed never to attend another concert at the castle that had the same restrictions on food and drink.

However, when the announcement was made for the Jess Glynne concert, it appeared that Alnwick Castle management had learnt its lesson from the debacle of 2015 and that there would be a return to the long-established arrangement whereby concert goers could take their own food and drink to the concert.

On the strength of this proclamation I was bought two tickets for the concert.

Then, lo and behold, just two weeks before the concert, we are told that alcohol will not be allowed to be taken in, and that those who wish to bring picnics will have a ‘special’ area designated for them.

Why do they need a ‘special’ area? No doubt it will be right at the back, away from those spending their money on the food stands.

My argument is that hundreds of people like myself bought tickets believing that there would be a return to the ‘pre-Tom Jones’ arrangement for food and drink. By leaving it so late to make the announcement, it leaves people little time to make other arrangements, such as selling the tickets on.

I note that a ‘castle spokesman’ states that this policy is in line with all outdoor and indoor venues.

However, I would question whether there is any law against people bringing their own alcohol? I suspect not, and that it is a money-making venture.

I would also question whether the castle receives a percentage of the revenue from the bars and food stalls.

Personally, I am so sickened that I have decided to boycott the concert, which although it means I’ve lost £77 on the price of the tickets, at least I don’t have to fork out more cash on the food and drink.

I encourage anyone else who is angered by this action by the castle to do likewise.

Michael Alexander,

Hillside West,