CONCERT: Another fiasco to take place

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We bought tickets (22 of them) back in December, on the strength that ‘Picnics are back at Alnwick’ following the Tom Jones fiasco, only to find out this week that alcohol is banned and picnics are banished to a ‘picnic area’.

Yet another ‘fiasco’ is about to take place.

Picnics can be interpreted in many ways, but in all the previous concerts we have been to at Alnwick, with the exception of the Tom Jones concert, you have been allowed to take in a picnic, with alcohol and sit where you please.

Alnwick Castle Estates, no doubt your stance will be that it is down to the promoter and you only lease The Pastures to them.

However, I feel you have a duty to the local community to ensure they are not ‘ripped off’ again.

You are also advertising the tickets on your website, so you still have time to do something about it. Music Plus Sport, exactly how much money do you want to make?

Banning alcohol is just another way of ripping off the public.

Please, learn from the Tom Jones fiasco. There were not enough bars, you had to queue for 45 minutes to be served for both food and alcohol and the choice was extremely limited with extremely high prices.

Also, at Tom Jones, the people were packed in to a very small area, like a funnel shape, you have all that space in The Pastures, please make sure you go back to a crescent-shaped venue with the bars/food outlets at the back and not down by the stage.

No doubt you will blame it all on your ‘licence’ – get another licence, you still have time. Maybe you could take advice from the promoters of the Mouth of The Tyne Festival.

They managed picnics with alcohol without any incidents.

Beverley Winn,

AO Treasury Section, NMUK, Washington Road,