CONCERT: A lot of money for little music

I have just read that at the Nile Rodgers and Chic concert in the Pastures, Alnwick, it was by popular demand that the football was shown, (Northumberland Gazette, July 19).

I and my wife beg to differ, as do hundreds of very disgruntled spectators.

We knew nothing of the football being shown and expected to see Sister Sledge.

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We got there at 6.30pm because the support was said to be on at either 7pm or 7.30pm. Imagine our disgust when we found out that there was to be no support and the concert would start at 9.15pm – a wait of nearly three hours.

If we had known, we would have gone much later or gone to a local pub to have a drink at much lower prices.

Judging by the amount of people sitting away from the screen, I know that we were not the only ones.

We paid a large amount of money to see 80 minutes of music, and when we read how long the other artists played for this made our frustration and anger worse.

The only bright point is Chic were great, but it was a lot of money for a three-hour wait for 80 minutes of music.

Dave Doe,


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