CONCERT: A great night of fantastic acts

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On Wednesday, July 4, we were treated to an evening of amazing entertainment given by a group of students from the Duchess’s Community High School.

The evening started with The DCHS Big Band, comprising students from all the year groups, 7 to 13, and conducted by Mr Ridley.

Then a relatively new band came on, Bad Ending, which, despite the name, gave us anything but a bad ending. The band consisted of two students from Year 7 and two from Year 9, definitely a group of lads to look for in the future.

Double Glazed and Second Hand High followed, two more established groups who treated us to a range of wonderful music.

Finally, before the interval we were treated to Aimed Red, a lovely duo featuring Dan Lyst, a former pupil of DCHS, on the drums. They sang, among other songs, Kids In America.

Having refreshed ourselves inside and out, with doors and windows thrown open to allow some fresh air in, the evening continued with the two bands who recently competed in Battle of the Bands at the Royal Grammar in Newcastle.

First came Sunkissed, two very talented lads – Lucas on guitar and providing beautiful vocals, accompanied by Toby very successfully on the drums. I would like to think these two would continue to play together as they are a treat to the ears. I look forward to hearing more over the years.

Finally, on came Runners – Jack Clements, Ruairi Ryan and Gordon Rae – hot foot from their recent success having come third at the Battle of the Bands.

We were treated not only to the songs they played on that night, but having been joined by another ex-DCHS pupil Alex Rae on bass, we were delighted with their versions of How You Remind Me, Twice and Teenagers, then the final song Mr Brightside, during which many of the audience got down and boogied.

It was a great night with fantastic acts from start to finish.

Some would say I am, understandably, somewhat biased in my opinion. However, I feel justified in saying how proud we were of all of those who performed on and off stage.

I say, well done to the Duchess’s in its continued commitment to helping the vast array of talent that is evidently present at the school.

I certainly look forward with huge anticipation to the next performance from the school when the Playhouse reopens its doors sometime next year after its refurbishment.

Carole A Rae,

Mother to two of the performers and DCHS Governor