Concerns raised over drink and drugs usage

Fears have been voiced about youngsters using drugs and drinking in areas of Felton.

At the monthly parish council meeting, the issues were raised with neighbourhood police officer Liz Wilson.

Clerk Lisa Hamlin said she had been in touch with PC Paul Dent about the problems and was told that it was being looked in to and investigated.

But PC Wilson did not know what the current situation was.

She said: “If you think there is a problem and think someone may be dealing, we need to get information and I am then happy to go to the magistrates’ court to get warrants to sort it.”

Coun John Marsden said during a village litter pick he found evidence of drug use, including lots of rolled-up balls of foil on land near the youth club and the recreation field.

He added that drinking was also happening.

“There are so many beer bottles and cans,” he said.

“I can’t see a 22 year old sitting in a bush drinking.”

Mrs Hamlin added: “When we went to the all-weather court, there were cans of Strongbow lying around.

“The problem is that there are lights on there at night so it is where people hang out.”

PC Wilson said she would investigate the situation and find out where the drinkers were from.

Concerns were also raised about dangerous parking in the village with people leaving their cars on bends and across dropped kerbs which are then causing an obstruction.

Coun Marion Clarke said people leave their cars to catch the bus from Felton, as well as going for walks in the area and visiting businesses in the village.