Concerns over youths taking drugs in village

Hadston Precinct.
Hadston Precinct.
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Outraged councillors have condemned youths who are doing drugs in public places in Hadston, sparking calls for major action to be taken to tackle the problem.

And members of East Chevington Parish Council fear the situation is only getting worse, with youngsters using illegal substances in different areas of the village.

Hadston Community Park is a hotspot, while one councillor said that the Precinct often smells of cannabis in the evenings.

Members want to see police take a firm stand against drug-taking youths.

Ann Elliott said: “I am very concerned about youths taking drugs. What can we do to help the police and what can they do about it?

“I know it is only the small minority of children doing it, but they are getting away with it.”

Parish council chairman Scott Dickinson said that he would raise the issue at the next meeting of LMAPS (Local Multi-Agency Problem Solving) Group and added that residents had voiced concerns.

He said: “These areas need to be targeted and somebody needs to be made an example of to send out a reminder that this is not acceptable.

“It is getting worse. There needs to be a deterrent and something needs to be done.”