Concern over lack of communication

Northumberland Hall
Northumberland Hall

Members of Alnwick Town Council were annoyed that they had not been consulted prior to a major announcement about the future of various buildings in the town.

At last Thursday’s council meeting, members were agreeing the agenda for their next meeting with Northumberland County Council, which is due to take place on Wednesday, April 22, at 2pm.

As well as a number of ongoing issues, it was proposed that questions should be asked about why the proposals for county council-owned buildings in the town, such as the Northumberland Hall (pictured above) and Alnwick Playhouse, which were reported in the Gazette last month, were not disclosed or discussed with Alnwick Town councillors prior to the announcement in the press.

The majority knew nothing of the plans until they read about them in the Gazette on Thursday, March 26.