Concern from police over burglaries of ‘vulnerable’

Rothbury riverside
Rothbury riverside

Police are calling on residents of a north Northumberland village to be vigilant after a series of domestic burglaries have taken place that ‘fit the same pattern’.

At last week’s meeting of Rothbury Parish Council, representatives of Northumbria Police spoke of a matter of concern which they say is ‘bizarre’ and ‘unique’ to the Coquetdale village.

PC Rob Kilburn said: “It seems that over the past six or seven years, we’ve had a number of domestic house burglaries where the victim has always been an elderly, vulnerable adult female and the pattern has come to light because our most recent burglary in Rothbury village just screamed out there was something more going on.

“Because we’ve done a lot of work with the CID who’ve come on board, we’ve spoken to a lot of individuals who have reported the same thing.

“Strange little things are going missing from elderly people’s houses, bizarre things, cakes, jars of coffee, things they wouldn’t even think to report to the police, things they don’t even believe that have gone missing.

“A period goes by then something more significant happens. Jewellery and money, jewellery and money, always jewellery and money.

“So we’ve put together a pattern of what has happened. They’re pretty much all identical.

“We’ve got the CID on board who agree it is a very unusual thing that’s happening and it appears to be very real and very unique to Rothbury.

“However, although we’ve examined individuals in the village as suspects, we do not know who is responsible.

“What we do agree on is that whoever is responsible is very clever, is very quiet, is a ghost. They know people in the village, they know where to walk.”

PC Kilburn also said that all the incidents happened ‘within a stone’s throw of each other’.

He added: “Our theory is that is someone in the village.

“I would hate to think that, but it just makes sense that it is not some stranger travelling in and doing their business, it’s more than theft.”