Concern at sale of former home of youth club

Former Felton Youth Club
Former Felton Youth Club
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Concerns have been raised about the former youth-club building being put up for sale in Felton.

At Monday’s monthly parish council meeting, two members of the public raised questions about what could happen to the premises, on Recreation Lane, as it has been marketed with estate agents George F White.

Clerk Lisa Hamlin said she had been told that if the building and land was sold, proceeds had to go to the National Boys’ Club in London and then returned to Felton to benefit the village. But Mrs Hamlin said: “When I contacted Ambition, who own it, they said there was no covenant on it. I asked to see the paperwork, but was told I could only see it if we made an offer on it.”

She added that the building was not registered with the Land Registry either.

Councillors said they would be interested in taking on the facility, if groups and committees are interested in using it.

Mrs Hamlin said: “If people are interested then that’s the first step for funding from community grants, which allow parish councils to purchase buildings for community benefit.”

John Stewart, who runs football teams in Felton, said he would be interested in using it for his teams.