Company’s sponsorship is ‘life changing’ for SHAK

SHAK is receiving important support from Templeman Retailing and Vending.
SHAK is receiving important support from Templeman Retailing and Vending.

This is next instalment of our weekly series dedicated to Alnwick-based dog-rescue charity, SHAK.

Sponsorship from family-run Gateshead-based company Templeman Retailing and Vending (TRV) is making a big difference to SHAK.

The charity’s founder, Stephen Wylie, said: “We’re delighted to announce our sponsorship from this fantastic company, which has really changed the lives of our dogs forever.

“The support from chairman Neil Templeman, director Wendy Templeman, managing director Kevin Templeman and the whole team is what you could call life changing, and not just for the dogs.

“We have been able to add to our workforce through their sponsorship and vastly improved the level of care and attention we are able to give to each and every one of our dogs.

“It doesn’t stop there, though, and there are already plans to increase the exposure and strengthen the bond between both organisations.

“This includes the SHAK logo and website on every TRV vending cup, while the fleet of new vans will also carry the SHAK logo.

“Kevin has also come up with some other amazing ideas that will be announced in due course, and for which we are extremely grateful. It’s incredible that the whole company has got behind us and supports us in every aspect of our work.

“Recently, we welcomed Steve Jordan and Paul Taylor from the sales team, as well as Paul’s daughter Jessie Taylor, who spent the weekend helping the team at SHAK look after more than 70 four-legged friends currently in our care.

“It was an amazing experience and I cannot express in words how grateful we are for the support from Kevin and his team.”

Reflecting on his time volunteering, Mr Jordan said: “It very quickly became clear what an amazing job this charity does. Stephen explained some of the unique reasons as to why the dogs are in SHAK’s care and for anyone who is a dog lover some of the reasons were truly disturbing and difficult to accept.

“Following our experience, one thing that has become crystal clear is that it is not just humans who need a little love and support from time to time.

“I would encourage all dog lovers out there to give up a little of their time and help this fantastic charity – it is so rewarding.”