Company keeps on '˜batting back' CCTV payment

The CCTV system covers Hadston Precinct.The CCTV system covers Hadston Precinct.
The CCTV system covers Hadston Precinct.
A company accused of constantly '˜batting back' requests for an agreed CCTV payment has put '˜another hurdle' in the way before it stumps up the cash.

But councillors chasing up the money are refusing to be pushed around and have vowed to stay strong.

East Chevington Parish Council is trying to obtain about £1,250 from Thrower Stone; an amount which the Gateshead-based company promised it would contribute towards Hadston’s recently-installed camera system.

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At Monday’s meeting, council chairman Anthony Reay said: “Thrower Stone eventually agreed to pay 20 per cent, but this never happened.

“At first, they came back to us with a load of requirements as long as your arm. We met these requirements and installed a CCTV system.

“We have tried to claim the money back and now they have put another hurdle in the way. This time, they have said they won’t pay until they have seen the operation of the CCTV.

“They keep batting back the payment, but we will stay strong. We will give them a temporary log-in which expires within a month.

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“If they don’t pay, they won’t get access to the CCTV after the log-in expires.”

It is not the first time that Thrower Stone, which owns Hadston Precinct, has come in for criticism. In 2014, parish councillors and other residents claimed the company was neglecting its maintenance duties at the site, with grass not cut and bins not emptied.

Last year, Coun Fred Thurgood branded Thrower Stone’s comments ‘rubbish’, after the company finally responded to the parish council’s concerns about maintenance and the length of time it had taken the company to fix a light at Hadston Precinct.

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