Community views sought on plans for the future of area

Billy Bell with the questionnaire
Billy Bell with the questionnaire

Views are being sought from villagers in Longhoughton, Boulmer and Howick, and the surrounding areas, on plans for the future of the parish.

A working group has been set up to look at how to shape the future of the area, with a questionnaire produced to survey opinion.

It will be sent to every property in the parish with everyone over the age of 12 asked to complete them.

The parish council has offered a £100 prize for one of the residents who fills in the questionnaire.

Longhoughton Parish Coun William Bell, who is chairman of the Neighbourhood plan working group, said: “To assist the parish council in carrying out its duties, everyone in the parish aged 12 or over is to be invited to consider how they would like to see the area develop over the next 15 years or so by completing a questionnaire which will be delivered to each household early in the new year.

“The questionnaire will seek views on leisure activities, medical services, commercial and retail activity, parking, public transport, housing, education, employment opportunities, tourism, local government services and the general environment.

“Once the responses havebeen analysed and assessed, any resultant plan of action will be made available to every household in the parish.”

Members of the working group and the parish council have volunteered to deliver the questionnaires to make sure that all properties, including those at farms and isolated homes receive a copy.

Additional copies will be available from the Spar shop and Longhoughton Church.

They can be returend to the Spar shop or by post to Mr M J Lock, 1 The Orchard, North End, Longhoughton NE66 3AG by Saturday, January 31.