Community giving a helping hand to home

Jam Jar Army
Jam Jar Army

Alnwick’s Abbeyfield House has been open for 30 years this year and there is a great deal of support for the home within the local community.

This week, the residents welcomed staff members from Wilko in Alnwick, who were armed with paint and brushes, into their home and have a lovely bright dining area after the team redecorated overnight.

This was the second decorating session organised by Wilko, which also transformed the lounge area earlier in the year.

Committee member Brian Friend consulted with the Wilko staff to ensure the areas would be visually helpful to the residents in moving around the home and the Abbeyfield staff got involved to pick the colour.

We had to plan the timetable carefully to coordinate around the day-to-day activities within Abbeyfield House and the residents are delighted with the results. A heartfelt thanks to Wilko for their donation of time, paint and effort from the residents and staff at the home.

Visitors to the house can’t have failed to spot the other paint job at the front door.

The Alnwick Scouts have started regular visits to improve and enrich the environment for the residents and their first job was to repaint all the garden furniture in bright colours.

Another big thank-you to them for their hard work over the summer and we look forward to welcoming you back soon.

If you would like to know more about Abbeyfield House, contact Heather Dixon, General Manager on 01665 604876.

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