Community faces more windfarm plans

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PLANS to build a three-turbine windfarm on land at Wingates have been submitted to Northumberland County Council - just as a six-turbine farm is approved.

BT has put forward a proposal to develop land south of Wingates Moor Farm.

The application includes the turbines as well as a contractors compound and associated works, meteorological monitoring mast, permanent tracks to connect the turbines with the highway and occasional deployment of a temporary access track to support construction and other works which require the use of heavy vehicles and plant.

A planning notice of the application was published in the Northumberland Gazette last week, the day after Infinis (previously Novera) was given permission for its development.

Campaign group Wingates Not Windfarms is opposed to the new plans as well as the ones that have been approved.

And other companies are waiting in the wings to put their applications in.

County councillor for the area Steven Bridgett said: “If Wingates get any more applications for windfarms they going to take off.

“The community is being bombarded with these applications. I understand that Northumberland County Council’s planning department has a role to play but it also has to look at preserving the area we live in.

“I am not against renewable energy but the number of applications that this community is being subjected to beggars belief.”