Communities gearing up dementia support

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Parts of Northumberland are making plans to become Dementia -Friendly Communities following a surge of requests from communities.

Rothbury and Amble are making steps to have more active dementia support.

It comes as a local campaigner in Rothbury has been asking for support from the local parish council and the Alzheimer’s Society.

Meanwhile in Amble, the Alzhimer’s Society held information sessions earlier this week to gauge interest in making the town a Dementia-Friendly Community.

Members of East Chevington Parish Council created a dementia sub group in the hope it will become a strong voice in the parish for people who had the disease.

Last month, they held dementia-friendly training sessions as part of the drive towards helping residents with the condtion.

In Rothbury, campaigner Aileen Beatty has been testing interest with the local parish council and residents on how they can do similar work.

Aileen said she was ‘looking forward to getting it off the ground’.

At her meeting last Thursday, Aileen teamed up with the Alzhimer’s Society to explain how the process worked.

She said that it was all about establishing the project and creating that initial interest.

Over in Amble, the Alzhimer’s Society is running Dementia Friends, which aims to improve people’s understanding of dementia and its effects to achieve this goal.

At the moment, Dementia Friends is only being funded to run in England and currently they can only run training sessions in England.

The idea of a dementia friend is that they learn a little bit more about what it’s like to live with the condition and then turns that understanding into action – anyone of any age can become one.

This could range from helping someone to catch the right bus to spreading the word about Dementia on social media or through word of mouth.

With the Dementia Friends project in Amble, people will be given full training and will have the opportunity to hold information sessions in the future.

Anyone who wants to get involved in Amble is asked to contact Ann from the Alzheimer’s Society on 07773 02428.

In Rothbury, Aileen’s next step is so start putting the application through in a bid to become a Dementia-Friendly Community.

If anyone wishes to contact Aileen, they can do so via Rothbury Parish Council by email to rothburyparishcoun