Collection of toy mice stolen from popular museum

One of the mice at the Bailiffgate Museum.
One of the mice at the Bailiffgate Museum.

Cute and colourful toy mice have proved too tempting for visitors to an Alnwick attraction, after several were stolen from the display.

A number of the creatures are hidden around the Bailiffgate Museum, as part of its fun-filled mouse hunt for children.

But recently, three mice were taken. A light-hearted post on the museum’s Facebook page stated: ‘Help wanted! We are missing three mice from our mouse hunt. Have they escaped into your pockets? Please check now and return, their parents are very worried.’

Elaborating on the Facebook post, museum coordinator Vivien Kay told the Gazette: “We have 24 little mice around the museum and they are placed there for children to find.

“Recently, three went missing. They’re not the first to go missing – we have had a few go over the years, and it tends to be the ones that are not very high up – but we have never had three go all at the same time. Two were taken from one display, and one was taken from another.

“We have managed to replace them, but if anyone knows where they are we would love to hear from them.”

The award-winning Bailiffgate Museum tells the fascinating history of Alnwick and district. It is open Tuesdays to Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays.

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