Collection of short stories are ‘funny and fascinating’

Gary Duncan
Gary Duncan

A Belford author has unveiled a collection of flash fiction and short stories, which explore what it means to be human with insight, compassion and humour.

Gary Duncan has written the book You’re Not Supposed to Cry, published by Vagabond Voices.

These brief, vivid glimpses into the lives of others lay bare the ugliness and absurdity – but also the beauty – of existence.

His tales are described as headshaking original, funny, fascinating, at times chilling, and no subject is sacrosanct.

There are 60 stories in the book, with some as short as 100 words, while others stretch to 1,000. Some of the stories are loosely linked.

It is Gary’s first book – although he has also self-published a book about Northumberland – and it launches on May 26.

And the married 50-year-old father-of-two is pleased with the finished product.

He said: “The stories that appear in the collection go back three years; some of them are crime, others are more character-based, and there is a lot of black humour in there.”

Gary edits for a website called Spelk Fiction, which he started a few years ago. The site is a platform for flash fiction. Each week, a number of stories are posted from new and established writers, from the UK and overseas.

While the book is officially launched next month, it is available to buy now from