Collection of garden waste to start again

The county council is relaunching its garden waste collection scheme for 2015.

This is an opportunity for residents to have their green waste collected by the council each fortnight, for a fee of £26 for 20 collections.

The council hopes that this is continued to be seen as good value for money, taking into account the convenience, the time and the fuel saved from not taking garden waste in a car to a local recycling centre.

Last year, the service was very successful with 21,300 households opting in. This resulted in the use of 23,000 bins, creating nearly 7,200 tonnes of waste which was collected and made into a rich compost/soil conditioner.

Councillor Ian Swithenbank, policy board member responsible for waste management said: “The garden waste collection service actively helps work towards a better quality of life for Northumberland residents.”