COLLECTION: Generous contributions

Members of The Rotary Club of Amble and Warkworth would like to express our sincere thanks to the people of Amble and Warkworth, and the surrounding villages, for their most generous contributions during our recent Christmas collection.

We managed to raise in excess of £5,000, which, in due course, will be distributed to local charities and good causes.

Rotary Club president John Geggie, on behalf of the club, said he is most grateful to everyone who contributed.

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The members of the Rotary Club will ensure that the money raised is distributed where it is most needed.

We should also mention and thank the Rotarians and members of our Inner Wheel and Interact clubs, who gave up their time to tour the streets and rattle their collecting buckets.

We hope that all the Gazette readers had a very happy Christmas and we wish everyone a very happy and healthy 2018.

Fred Calvert,

Press Officer, Rotary Club of Amble and Warkworth