Collecting local views on Alnmouth's trial traffic measures

The one-way system in Alnmouth. Picture by Jane ColtmanThe one-way system in Alnmouth. Picture by Jane Coltman
The one-way system in Alnmouth. Picture by Jane Coltman
The views of residents in Alnmouth are to be sought before revised proposals for the new traffic and parking system in the village are drawn up.

As previously reported, a raft of experimental traffic orders, including a clockwise one-way system, came into effect on Friday, December 9.

The following week, the parish-council meeting erupted into heated and angry exchanges as some members of the parish council and the public lambasted the new system.

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The meeting did settle down after the initial flare-up, but it was clear that the loss of parking spaces is one of the main bones of contention, with many at the meeting saying they felt the measures had been ‘imposed’ by the county council, despite the consultation process.

Also, at that meeting, John Taylor, a retired traffic engineer, explained that he and two other traffic engineers living in the village had agreed to get together to try to work out some improvements. Mr Taylor’s view then and now is that the measures put forward are ‘overkill’ in terms of tackling the issues that the village does have.

Now, the trio of traffic engineers has been joined by two volunteer parish councillors – Sarah Murphy and Harvey Roberts – who will attend meetings of the engineers to provide parish-council input.

The first meeting took place recently and the aim is that the group will act as a direct contact point with Northumberland County Council to share views, rather than the ‘piecemeal approach’ of the local authority dealing with individual responses.

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Therefore, a comments book has been set up in Alnmouth Post Office where people can make comments and share their views.

These will be analysed by the group before any revised proposals are made. All views are welcome.