Cobbles - ‘this is not solely a parking issue’

Authur English, who was the victim of a hit and run on the Cobbles in Alnwick
Authur English, who was the victim of a hit and run on the Cobbles in Alnwick

An elderly man, who was knocked down on the Cobbles in Alnwick’s town centre, has called on the authority to do something about the rocky area.

Arthur English, who is originally from Alnmouth, was walking up the cobbled area next to Glendale Paints on February 20, which is the only designated walking area.

A car reversed into him and he went rolling ‘like a sausage roll’ down the hill. When he came to a stop at the traffic lights, people rushed to help.

Scarred and injured by the ordeal, the 84-year-old didn’t contact the police until the next day.

It wasn’t until he went to see the doctor days later that he realised he had done some damage to his leg.

“I was in distress, my leg was sore. I didn’t initially want to do anything, but my daughter was insistent that I spoke out, even if I was perfectly alright, which I wasn’t.”

Arthur contacted the Gazette following the recent coverage of car-parking tickets and line markings in the area.

The pensioner chased Northumberland County Council to have the markings repainted so people would be more aware of which areas are for pedestrian or car use.

“The county council said it’s going to look at the lines. I think they agree with me that they’re all faded and worn and the linings could give the impression that if they were parked on the Cobbles by the road they could just reverse back across the walkway.

“The Cobbles are difficult for anybody who’s elderly or unsure of their feet, I wouldn’t say it’s any better now, it’s just the same as I’ve known it for 60 or 70 years.”

County Councillor for Alnwick, Gordon Castle, said he was ‘extremely sorry’ to hear of the incident, but said more had to be done.

“Since it has now been raised, I will take it up with the parking officer at County Hall as it is their responsibility to maintain it.

“It should be properly marked off, but people and car drivers should always exercise extreme caution in the area.”

A Northumberland County Council spokesperson: “Works are scheduled to repaint a number of lines in the town centre in the near future.”