Coastal village will not be cut off by bus in evenings

An Arriva bus at Front Street West, Bedlington.
An Arriva bus at Front Street West, Bedlington.

A bus service will be availble in place of the under-threat journey from Berwick to Seahouses at 5pm, offering respite to commuters.

As discussed at the May meeting of North Sunderland Parish Council, the 501 Travelsure service from Berwick to Belford, which allows a connection onto Seahouses, is at risk under the county council’s review of bus subsidies.

Currently that service costs an average subsidy of £15.46 per passenger, the highest in the county, totalling £26,843.04.

Coun Tom Orrin had pointed out that if Arriva altered its winter timetable again, workers would not be able to get back to the village in the evenings.

But in a letter to the parish council, Arriva said that the 5pm 505 service from Berwick will continue in winter and there will be a 4pm and 6pm journey to Seahouses in the summer.

Coun Orrin said: “Most of the time our services are quite good, apart from last winter when it went crazy. We would rather they ran the same service in the winter as in the summer.

“There’s a slight dip in tourism in the winter but people still come up here.”

Members also welcomed the news that the X16 and X18 services will go through North Sunderland and not St Aidan’s, allowing access for more passengers.

Coun David Donaldson said: “It’s much better using Broad Road than going down the front.”