Coastal parish councils apply 
to join forces

Three coastal councils in north Northumberland have applied to Northumberland County Council to become a neighbourhood area.

The application, made by the civic parishes of Bamburgh, North Sunderland and Beadnell, is a requirement under the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations of 2012, for preparing a neighbourhood development plan.

The application focused on the three adjacent parishes sharing ‘common opportunities and problems arising from their location at the heart of the North Northumberland Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’.

The three parish councils believe that an integrated neighbourhood development plan would allow ‘an integrated approach to setting local planning policies’.

Housing is one of the key issues. The application recognises that the three parishes are under ‘continual pressure for second homes and for holiday accommodation’.

The application also stresses the councils’ commitment to delivering affordable housing in accordance with residents’ needs.

It highlights the future environmental protection, including ‘the built and cultural heritage’ that such a project along the Northumbrian coast might require.