Coach crosses Holy Island Causeway as tide floods in

Locals have hit out at the ‘stupidity’ of a coach driver who crossed the Holy Island causeway through several feet of water at the weekend.

On Saturday, Holy Island Coastguard was alerted after the coach, believed to be from the Netherlands and carrying around 40 passengers , drove back to the mainland as the tide flooded in.

A Facebook post from Holy Island Coastguard on Saturday said: “At 1340 this afternoon, Holy Island Coastguard received a report that a brown coach with approximately 40 persons onboard was driving through water on the causeway.

“Holy Island Coastguard mobile arrived on scene and confirmed that this was the case. The coach drove through around 4-5ft of water before it made it to the mainland, the vehicle sustained substantial damage which included ripping parts of the vehicle body panels off and the loss of its number plates.

“Apart from being in extreme danger while the coach travelled through the flooding tide, the passengers also experienced very wet luggage.”

The post sparked a lot of reaction from other users, with more than 50 people commenting by Sunday night, criticising the driver of the coach for risking the lives of the passengers.

It is the first such incident since October last year when permanent, solar-powered variable agile display signs were erected at either end of the causeway.

In February 2012, the Gazette broke the news that action was to be taken to prevent costly rescues following the outcomes of a working group and a successful trial of the signs was held during the Easter holidays in 2012.