Club offers range of health care for horses

Horses in fields.
Horses in fields.

Preventive healthcare is important in all species of animals.

Alnorthumbria equine division is launching a new scheme to assist with the costs of caring for your horse, pony or donkey.

The scheme is called Mi Horse Club, and £9.99 per month buys a general health examination, flu and tetanus vaccination, routine dental and worm egg counts.

As part of this club the horse owner is entitled to 10 per cent off all other diagnostic work, treatments and hospital fees for that horse.

There is also a reduced monthly payment for any additional horses owned by the same person.

Of great benefit to our geriatric horses is that there is discount of 20 per cent on lifetime care medicines for arthritis and Cushings.

More details of the scheme can be found online at

The club is designed to replace our current equine bronze, silver and gold health plans.

We think that the Mi Horse Health Scheme offers greater value to the horse owner and should enable more people to put in place affordable preventive care for their animals.

In spite of the varied weather we have experienced recently, spring is upon us and the fields are definitely looking greener.

The next few months are a high risk time for the debilitating and occasionally fatal condition of laminitis, which can affect any horse, pony or donkey.

We would encourage you to get a laminitis risk assessment done on your horse with our spring discounted testing scheme for Equine Metabolic Syndrome, and Cushings, as these are the two most common causes of laminitis.

For more information please call the Fairmoor Equine Clinic on 01670 879597.