Club aims to collar second dog-friendly world record

Jacquie Hall, with some of her dogs.
Jacquie Hall, with some of her dogs.

Dog lovers from across north Northumberland are attempting to add a second world record to their collection after holding one international title since 2009.

Members of North Northumberland Dog Training Club broke the world record for the largest tunnel of legs run through by a pooch, with 1,019 people stepping up to take part.

The club originally set the very first tunnel-of-legs world record in 2006 with 222 pairs of legs.

The title was taken off them by groups in New Zealand, America then South Africa, where the record was set at 934, before it was snatched back six years ago.

This year, organisers of the Northumberland County Show had asked the group to try to smash its own title, but instead it is hoping to create a new one.

As the group still holds the tunnel-of-legs accolade, club chairman Jacquie Hall has come up with a new record which she hopes will be as internationally popular as the original one.

Jacquie said: “We have started to train several dogs to weave through a line of human legs at our regular indoor club training sessions.

“It is hoped that by the time we get to the show on May 25, the dogs will be running through at least 50 pairs of legs, if not more, to set an initial record and then maybe it will go worldwide again.”

Members of the North Northumberland Dog Training Club also regularly compete in working trials, agility and flyball.

The club’s display team will also be showing off their many activities in the show’s main arena, as well as in a have-a-go-at-agility ring.

Jacquie said: ‘The arranging of the last world record was very hard work but it ran like clockwork on the day.

“Hopefully, this new world record, which will be verified by Guinness, will run equally as well thanks to the club members and show organisers.”

The Northumberland County Show takes place on Bank Holiday Monday, May 25, and is open from 9am until 6pm. Tickets are £12 adults, £10 OAPs, £3 children up to 16 years old.

Further event information can be found at www.north and tickets can be purchased through the website.