Closure stumps motorists

THE store at Alnwick’s petrol station is set to re-launch today after a £250,000 refit.

The Co-operative Food Store on South Road has been revamped with a new layout, a bigger choice of fresh food and a Costa Coffee machine.

But during the work at the store, ‘operational issues’ forced the closure of the filling station last week, which caught out a number of motorists.

Romaine Barclay-Kim said: “I was at the garage last week and there was no warning whatsoever that this closure was going to happen.

“I turned up to find it was closed. I was planning to do various things in Alnwick but couldn’t, because it would mean using up precious fuel.

“Instead, I had to drive to Amble and was lucky to have sufficient petrol to get there.

“This garage has a monopoly in Alnwick, but they didn’t have the decency to tell their customers that there was not going to be any fuel that day.

“The least they could have done was to advertise this in the press. Some people only fill their cars up once a week, so they wouldn’t have seen the small notices on the pumps.”

Another motorist, who was caught short as they went to fill up for their commute, had to find a friend with a petrol lawnmower and fill up from his petrol can.

Last Friday, a spokeswoman from The Co-operative said: “We can confirm that our petrol filling station on South Road, Alnwick, has now re-opened, following a short closure period, due to operational issues.

“We apologise to our customers for any inconvenience caused.

“Our Co-operative Food store at the South Road site will re-launch with a new look next week (Thursday, November 17), following a £250,000 refit.

“The investment in the Alnwick store will see a new layout, wider range of fresh foods and a new Costa Coffee machine.”