CLIMATE: No sign of warming here

I was awakened by BBC Radio 4 saying it had been the hottest June worldwide, according to the scientists, since records started in 1889.

Saturday, 30th July 2016, 6:00 am

Well they should come to Britain as here it has been the coldest spring and June since my records were started in 1975.

All the flowers and crops are at least a month late. I did not seen a wagtail in my garden until the beginning of July and only one pair of nesting swallows, and those birds have only started hunting in the last two weeks.

There have been no gnats so far, insects are low in numbers. Butterflies are noticeable by their absence. I have had a few bees of various sorts, but not a lot. The number of birds will be down, which, no doubt, the poor farmer will take the blame for.

I do not accept this idea of global warming and feel that too much cash is being wasted in a theory of reducing the global effect.

It would be much better if governments invested in the programme of making use of the changes instead of trying to play God.

Anne Wrangham,