Cleaners confronted with horrific loo mess

The soiled toilet in Alnwick.
The soiled toilet in Alnwick.

Disgusting and vile – these sickening photographs reveal the ghastly sight which confronted a cleaner at town-centre toilets, which have been heavily criticised for their shoddy upkeep.

Shockingly, these horrific images are just two of a series of snaps taken by a fed-up operative who tidies the loos underneath the Northumberland Hall in Alnwick.

The mess at Alnwick toilets.

The mess at Alnwick toilets.

In what is a grim reality, such messy scenes are an all-too-frequent occurrence for those responsible for maintaining the public conveniences, the operative has claimed.

The cleanliness of the toilets, owned by Northumberland County Council, has been a major source of complaint by local councillors and members of the public.

But these filthy pictures, taken inside the women’s loos, show the other side of the coin– the daunting job that sometimes faces those who have to keep the toilets clean and tidy.

Alnwick town and county councillor Gordon Castle condemned those responsible for the mess and was horrified to be shown such sickening images.

He said: “There are criticisms of the standard of the cleanliness of Alnwick’s public toilets and there may well be truth in that. There have been some comments from the council and the public that it could be better.

“But, to balance the picture, it is important to realise what these operatives are up against and it is happening all too often. One of the operatives kept a record of what he has had to deal with and these unsavoury pictures were taken by the operative cleaning the ladies toilets.”

A county council spokesman said: “We try our best to keep public lavatories clean and our staff work hard to ensure that toilets in Northumberland are regularly cleaned and open for use.

“On some occasions, public toilets are not left in an acceptable state by the previous users. We urge people to have respect for others and to be responsible and considerate.

“If users find the toilets in an unacceptable state, they should report this to the council on 0845 600 6400 so we can return them to an acceptable condition as quickly as possible. ”