Classic with a twist was huge hit

A topical panto '“ but Not As You Know It? Too true!

By The Newsroom
Friday, 23rd February 2018, 12:04 pm

The local community had an inkling that Felton and Thirston Pantomime Society’s (FATPS) 2018 production was something special – and they weren’t disappointed.

“Funny”, “witty”, “slick”, “best yet” – a handfull of the numerous comments from this year’s audiences at the four sell-out performances of Alice In Wonderland...But Not As You Know It.

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It is fair to say that the society took enormous liberties with the traditional storyline by crashing through the Alice In Wonderland panto theme,adding a liberal dash of The Great British Bake-Off, The Two Ronnies, Mission Impossible, Little Britain and The Magic Roundabout along the way.

The entire panto was performed with considerable skill and confidence by a very youthful cast, who took on the principal characters during the Eat-Me, Drink-Me sequence – including Alice, White Rabbit and Mrs Hudson? – that’s another story; as well as what may well be a panto first with the hilarious appearance of two mini-Dames.

The whole story was given full credence through wonderful set designs and props, with particular reference to the technologically-complex Cheshire Cat, and an array of matching costumes, all of which made the action such fun for the audience and cast alike, all of which have become the distinctive aspect of the panto – fun for all the family.

NODA awarded FATPS the Youth Award 2017 for its “excellent overall pantomime production” of Peter Pan – Well, Sort Of? at the North East Regional Awards Ceremony 2017. In addition, there were two individual nominations in the Performance Award and Youth Award 2017 category.

The prestigious Youth Award 2017 finished off yet another hugely successful year for the society, and complements the two awards received in 2016 for the Wizard of Odd production.

So, whatever we’re doing, we’re obviously doing it right!

Our scriptwriters have also been published in NODA’s national newsletters on how they ‘come up with’ their successful storylines.

Not a bad effort from two people who really haven’t a clue what they are doing – other than following a natural instinct for community-based comedy.

It is a stunning achievement for a village community, which is proving year-on-year that it has the capability of ‘punching far-too-far above’ what it should be capable of achieving.

We are compared directly with companies from the region’s cities and large towns who have far greater resources to draw upon.

Our achievements are attributable to everyone who was involved in this year’s production for their unstinting enthusiasm and dedication.

Are there plans for next year? Oh, yes there are!