Classes at a premium at mart's annual show

Farmers were out in force to vie for honours at Wooler Mart annual show.

Saturday, 30th April 2016, 1:41 pm
Thewinning beast from Harrison & Hetherington's show and sale held at Wooler on Tuesday, April 5 for The William Harvey Lindisfarne Goblet.

Harrison and Hetherington held its fortnightly store sale on Tuesday, April 5, selling 183 store cattle.

And in conjunction with the sale was the annual show for the William Harvey Lindisfarne Goblet, expertly judged by James Forsyth, of Low Steads, Longhoughton.

The championship was awarded to Messrs E Carse and Son, of South Ord, for a Limousin cross steer, weighing 390kg, and selling at £1,050 to the judge.

Reserve champion was awarded to D A Thompson, of Trewhitt Steads, for a Limousin cross heifer, weighing 410kg and selling at £950 to Alan Lamont, of Dunslaw.

A smart show of cattle was presented to a full ring of enthusiastic buyers, all classes selling at a premium. Greater numbers could easily be handled.


Steers per head: Aberdeen Angus £1110, £1060 Rothill Farms, £1040, £1030, £990 (2) Abberwick and East Bolton, £980 Rothill Farms, £960 Milfield Demesne. Limousin £1060, £1020, £910, £900 Trewhitt Steads, £1050, £1030, £970, £920 South Ord, £1010 Brandon, £940 Dunstan Hill. Charolais £940, £920 Kentstone, £920 Dunstan Hill. Belgian Blue £940 Trewhitt Steads.

Heifers per head: Limousin £1090, £970, £940 Brandon, £960, £950, £910, £900 Trewhitt Steads. Angus £1080, £910 Springfield, £980, £960, £950, £900 Abberwick and East Bolton, £900 Campfield. Charolais £1040, £1000, £980 (2), £970, £960 Brandon, £930 Kentstone.

Steers per kg: Limousin 269.2p, 242.9p, 236.6p, 235.1p, 234.1p, 226.4p, 225.3p South Ord, 230.4p, 229.3p Trewhitt Steads, 224.6p, 223.8p Dunstan Hill. Charolais 226p Dunstan Hill, 222.5p Kentstone. Angus 228p Rothill Farms.

Heifers per kg: Limousin 247.2p, 244.9p, 233.8P, 231.7p Trewhitt Steads, 232.8p, 229p South Ord, 225.7p Campfield. Charolais 213.8p Kentstone.