Claimant count up, but unemployment down in North East

From the Northumberland Gazette.
From the Northumberland Gazette.

The claimant count in Northumberland is up compared to last year, but unemployment is down and employment is up across the North East.

Figures released yesterday show that 52,000 more people are in employment in the region year on year, while there are 22,000 fewer unemployed people. The claimant count rose by 3,700. In Northumberland, the claimant count also rose - by 230 - but there was a drop of nine per cent among young claimants aged 16 to 24.

Steve McCall, employers relationship manager for Jobcentre Plus, said: "It continues to go in the right direction and it mirrors what we have seen over previous months." Referring to Northumberland's claimant-count rise, he added: "It does fluctuate from month to month, but it's fairly static year on year. Since 2010, it's gone down by 36 per cent."

He also said that there is 'a fairly big range' of job opportunities out there across the North East, ranging from jobs at Nissan in Sunderland to warehousing roles down the A19 corridor, from seasonal retail jobs for the Christmas period to the hospitality sector. Then in the new year, the recruitment will begin for seasonal jobs at the holiday parks.

There's even a post for a measurer at a tailor's firm to go out and measure all the gamekeepers for their clothes for the coming season.