Christmas message: Rev Michael Boag, Rothbury

Rev Michael Boag at All Saints church in Rothbury.
Rev Michael Boag at All Saints church in Rothbury.

‘But can’t we keep them up till after Christmas?’ ‘No, we can’t. If we did,’ I explained, ‘there wouldn’t be room for everyone at the Crib Service!’

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many beautifully decorated Christmas trees at one time, in one place, before.

Around sixty of them lined the aisles of All Saints Rothbury early in December and hundreds came to admire the creativity of all the different community groups who took part in the festival.

The variety and ingenuity was inspiring; each telling us something of the decorators. Standing back to look at them, the view was of a brightly coloured, sparkling forest but up close you saw the individual characteristics. Just like our community, so too the Christmas trees standing side by side; stronger together.

It has been a hard year for many. Frightening news continues to assail us from abroad of terror and disease, dislocation and hunger. News of hunger and loneliness in our own land is equally troubling. If we are to stand together as a community, then let’s do so and do all we can to support the weakest and most vulnerable.

The proclamation of the Christmas message is one of hope, hope that is kindled by love. It is given to us now, as it was in Bethlehem when Jesus was born, to share with friend and neighbour, young and old, in good times and hard

May the gift of love be yours this Christmas and with it may you bring hope to all around you.