Christmas means more gigging

Derek Allan (Photograph by David Gerrard)Derek Allan (Photograph by David Gerrard)
Derek Allan (Photograph by David Gerrard)
Northumberland musician Derek Allan continues his weekly diary.

November 29

There are lots of gigs now leading up to Christmas, but a few cancellations will happen. The Laundrette gig tomorrow in Durham cancelled because of lack of ticket sales. Never mind.

Today we went to visit Heighley Gate, which I have done every year to buy a bauble since I was 16. I love this place and all of its magic. I never care about prices, life is expensive, but memories are what I want and I will pay and work and swap paper for them.

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I am almost finished The Christmas Train by Daid Baldacci, steady read.

November 30

The Laundrette gig was cancelled, but life is busy enough so it made it easier getting Ellie to Northumberland cricket trials in Newcastle. It was another good day and night.

I ran through my solo set for the Chillingham road gig.

December 1

Staying up for The Ashes means I am awake at 7.30am to see everyone in the morning. Advent Calender time too, they were pleased.

Christmas looks amazing in the house. The winter is coming, but we are ready for it. It is important to brighten up the cold, dark nights, if not for you then for others.

It is nice to care about others, it’s nice to be nice.

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Melanie released my solo single as ‘Derek’. The song, Winter’s Kiss, is from eight years ago, before I set off on the We Steal Flyers mission.

I was so pleased. The first 500 streams were in hours and over half were in Brazil. I hope it reaches people so they can enjoy it. I am well known for my love of life, people and Christmas so I am sure many people will be interested.

I am so happy it is released, it has my heart attached to it.

December 2

It was a good day working at home before a great night in Alnmouth. The Red Lion is a great place.

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I am looking forward to releasing two albums next year. I love writing and releasing songs.

December 3

Carl Cape has a great Christmas song called It Must Be Christmas Time. Look it up, he is a great friend and I have been on his Christmas radio show every year at Lionheart since the beginning. I love being there.

He has never seen Elf so we invited him and Heather to share some food and finally see the movie. It was a nice afternoon and then off to The Gate In Forestburngate to run another Acoustic Magic night. Carl Cape and Dave Adams played a set each.

We love being there and we are back in 2018. This business pays so very little and it is all getting harder, but I love the good times. I am happy to go on and on forever.

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I never joined or accepted my music invite into the music industry to retire, I am here for a reason.

December 4

Sadly, The Longplay Cafe gig cancelled today for the Christmas special so we cancelled the other players and told as many people as we could. A few still went to see us.

Staying up for the test match is so great, I love the whole cricket world, I belong wherever it is. I can listen to them talking all night, which is helpful. I also read poetry books, Thomas Hardy, Coleridge, Wilde, Kiplin.

I loved the walk with Ellie today, then running club before the weekly shop. I love Mondays.

December 5

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Acoustic Magic night at Seaton Delaval was great – songwriter nights with a Christmas song from Melissa Rose, Kitchy Retro and Dave Cowan. Gary Spalding came along to support. This is rare in music and I like it when people support people.

We have been booked back for 11 months, it is brilliant.