Christmas festivities start early

Derek Allan (Photograph by David Gerrard)Derek Allan (Photograph by David Gerrard)
Derek Allan (Photograph by David Gerrard)
Northumberland musician Derek Allan continues his weekly diary.

October 26

Almost finished reading the Tom Fletcher novel, Christmassaurus. It is a good one.

I am looking forward to reading another Christmas book and then reading more Christmas stories by Charles Dickens, I never realised he wrote more than one.

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It was a nice drive to Thirsk in Yorkshire, some friendly happy people at our gig again. Then a hotel at Wetherby.

October 27

I spent the day in the hotel with Shaggy waiting to go and set up for the gig at 7pm.

It was a good relaxing day. I read many chapters. Shaggy read a lot, he has online comics as well as whatever else he reads. We are planning a few extra recordings now that he has a new place.

Writing songs is always good anywhere. I have written seven this month.

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Five for my solo set and two for the new We Steal Flyers album.

We can release more albums. A Christmas song is almost done – The Magic Of Christmas. I wrote this many years ago and looking forward to hearing it.

The gig at “The Scotland” pub was another good one before returning to the road works, speed limits and darkness until the 2am arrival at home. Melanie takes Shaggy home to Bedlington and by 3am we were settled.

October 28

Rebecca had another Harriers race this morning. We all were there to cheer her on. She is doing so well, knocking minutes from her personal best for the mile course.

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This afternoon Melanie has the house ready for the Hallowe’en party. She loves her parties.

Today was a good gig at The Plough in Mitford.

The people there were great and nice to be back in the area for me. We will be returning there for sure.

October 29

The party was a good one. Melanie had invited Caroline with her sons Luca and Zack.

We have known these people most of the kids’ lives. They are funny and nice to see them from so young to now as they grow.

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Lucy came over with Daisy and Gabriella, all friends from our kids’ first school to now. They are all dressed up, food and games and many more ‘lols’. It is nice to share life with nice people.

October 30

The cold is getting colder now so we are wrapped up a little more every walk.

Rebecca being a cross-country runner means we have to keep active whilst we spectate when she runs in Blyth.

They never seem to get cold. Ellie likes to wear all her winter clothes in the cold, the feeling of being warm when all around you is cold. I do too.

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Melanie played some hockey with Ellie while we waited around.

Shopping is still fun and a few more gifts bought in. So much to sort out and it is getting closer by the minute.

October 31

Finished reading Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher and started The Christmas Train, another gift.

Had my eyes tested today to see if diabetes is doing them a wrong.

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But all was fine, just a few hours of blurred vision after the drops.

The Christmas jigsaw we all did looks great up on the wall.

The kids went Trick or Treating and came back with bags and bags of sweets.

The local community really gets into it all now.

The rules are if the house is decorated then you can knock and you will get sweets. Brilliant.

l More next week