CHRISTIAN AID: Great charity total raised

Thank you to everyone who felt able to respond to Christian Aid's big fund-raising week recently.

Once again, together we made over £4,000 (we did not quite reach the amount that the street collection made last year but it is still a fantastic amount). Three very successful fund-raising ‘Big Brekkies’ that have been held in the town over the last few weeks will also have helped to boost ‘the coffers’.

Money is still trickling in, so if your street was missed out or you were not around when the envelope was called for and you would like to help, please pop into St Michael’s Church any afternoon between 1-4pm and someone there will be most grateful to receive your donation.

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In a world where there are so many desperate people we can feel glad that as a direct result of the coins, notes and cheques that were put into those little red envelopes good things will happen.

Fragile homes in Bangladesh will be lifted up higher, safe from the dangerous flood waters, worms will be supplied to help with crop growing, sick and traumatised families who are thousands of miles from the place they call home will receive food, shelter and comfort.

These people, and many, many others, will receive some relief from the horrible circumstances they find themselves in.

We have been part of a huge UK effort that has brought about many changes for the better.

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