Children’s TV presenter to bloom in Alnwick Garden

Ben Faulks aka Mr Bloom
Ben Faulks aka Mr Bloom

A children’s television favourite will be making a splash at Alnwick Garden next month.

Ben Faulks aka Mr Bloom, will be setting off a summer of water fights at the world-renowed attraction on Saturday, July 19.

The CBeebies presenter will present a show, take part in a meet and greet with youngsters and their families and then launch Splash, a water-fight game.

The game will take place every hour of every day during the summer, while the Alnwick Garden is open.

It consists of two teams having a water fight and each child will be given a water pistol so that they can take part.

And while Ben is launching the summer Splash event, it is already taking place at the Garden, every hour, during weekends.

And Ben Faulks is a good fit for the Alnwick Garden as his character on CBeebies is a gardener who helps children to get involved with and inspired by nature.

Each episode sees a small group of children, whom he calls ‘tiddlers’ visiting his allotment, feeding his ‘Compostarium’ compost bin and interacting with puppet vegetables.

And while his puppets won’t be able to make the appearance, Ben is looking forward to the event.

Timings have not yet been decided but the show will be free if you have a ticket for the Garden.

Keep an eye out on the Alnwick Garden Facebook Page and in the Gazette for a competition to win a chance for your youngster to be on Ben’s Splash team.