Cheviot Valleys Flower Club, September meeting

At the September meeting of the Cheviot Valleys Flower Club our demonstrator was Valerie Guest. The title for the evening was Autumn Odyssey.

Her first design, to represent the end of summer and the start of autumn in the garden, used a large garden pot.

Foliage including cotinus, hosta leaves, fatsia leaves, ivy, smoketree ferns and trailing amaranthus in colours of greens and bronze were placed in the pot.

Dark red roses were arranged down the centre, Lucifer hanging over the edge and dark red carnations cascading in amongst the foliage. Red berries were placed around the edge of the pot with pink sedum through the design.

The pot was placed on a pillar with a smaller similar design beside it.

The next design represented the colours of autumn and was done in a green rectangular container.

A gourd was put in the middle with foliage round it, which included heuchera leaves, fern, fatsia, choisya, ivy and palm. Large pieces of dill were arranged beside the gourd with green poppy pods.

She then used rusty coloured chrysanths, placing a tall one behind the centre and others getting shorter as they curved around the gourd. More poppy pods were put in between the flowers with some yellow achillea and more dill through the design. Grasses, which hung over the edge, were placed in two groups with hop vine leaves. The design was put in front of a metal stand with a similar one on the top.

The third design represented an open fire and used a square black container with Virginia creeper, choisya, griselinia and fatsia round the edge.

Some coloured phormium leaves which were placed in a semi- circle near the centre created a frame to look like flames. Tall Black Thai leaves were put behind with shorter ones at each side. Orange roses with a pink edge were then put inside the semi-circle of leaves with darker edged ones grouped in front. She put red hot pokers towards the back and between the roses with cotinus through the foliage.

Using a long rectangular trough filled with foliage which included various heuchera leaves and two pink candles she put in a few pink amaryllis, which were held together with beaded wire, in between the candles.

Then she added pieces of pale pink delphiniums in the foliage and at the ends.

To complete the design she used pink gerberas in patterns across the top, pink roses around the amaryllis and at the ends, pink snowberries to fill in. This was placed beside another design with the same flowers.

For her final design she used a square container filled with spotted laurel, spruce and willow.

Four white candles were grouped together and a tall piece of contorted willow which had been sprayed white with sparkly bits added were put in amongst the foliage.

White gladioli were arranged at varying heights across the back and out to the sides of the design. Fatsia leaves sprayed white and sparkly were arranged at the front with white lilies.

She put in white gerberas over the gladioli at the side, avalanche roses beside the tall gladiolus and small pieces of white snowberries around the bottom of the design.

The flowers, foliage and ideas were all superb which made a very entertaining demonstration.

Mrs Pat Younger gave the vote of thanks on our behalf for some beautiful designs.

The October meeting is the agm is on November 28, at 7.30pm in the Whittingham Memorial Institute, Derek Armstrong will give a Christmas demonstration At Home for Christmas. Tickets £8 to include refreshments. Available from Pat Hall 01665574017.