Cheviot Valleys Flower Club, November meeting

The Cheviot Valleys Flower Club Christmas demonstration took place in November, given by Mrs Lilias Hoskins, with the theme of It’s Christmas Again.

Her first design was made up of three large red open wooden squares, stacked on top of each other with spaces for containers at the sides of two.

Some pine cones partially painted white were hanging over the open sides of the boxes. Into the containers she used as greenery, large ivy leaves, holly, some variegated foliage and a cotoneaster covered in red berries. Some of the foliage trailed down.

She then put in some small red carnations through the foliage and some trailing, orange gerberas, pin head proteas and apricot alstoemeria. To complete the design she had two robins, the larger one was placed in the bottom box and the small one in the top box.

To represent the Christmas shows, she used a stand with two large curved shaped metal structures which had silver glittery bands on the edge and a bow at the base.

The container at the top had fern trailing down, laurel leaves with abelia grandiflora through the fern. Some blackened fatsia leaves were put in to form a frill round the edge of the container.

Then she added white dendrobium orchids to trail, white roses and silver curved pieces of midelino sticks. Beside the bow at the bottom she put a top hat and some ostrich feathers.

A large piece of unusual shaped wood on a stand with a container attached to it was used for the next design.

Pieces of parahebe, variegated holly which had been sprayed with silver glitter, Scots pine, small pieces of pieris were used for foliage. To complete it she used pink spray roses, dried statis and hung crystal drops from the wood. Three candles were placed at the bottom of the stand.

The fourth design was a structure made with three very tall spades placed vertically with a container between them at the base.

Some very large monstera and fatsia leaves were put in with small gold spades out to the side. Tall bells of Ireland were placed in a line up the centre, gold ting, gold/yellow roses against the greenery, yellow Anastasia chrysanths at one side, choco anthuriums, to complete it gold baubles on sticks.

A large rectangular basket with a Christmas tree made from pieces of wood in the middle and containers round the edge was the next dcesign-to represent a snow scene.

In each container there was gypsophilia and some viburnum tinus which had been sprayed with silver glitter. In among this she added ‘avalanche’ roses, cut very short, white carnations with angel hair put over the top. Then she switched the lights on the tree and stood another similar design beside it.

For her final design, she used a large metal half curved shaped stand with a lantern hanging from the container on the top. The foliage which included ruscus, fatsia leaves, variegated holly, hypericum with berries and phormium leaves both curved and straight to make a bow shape.

The flowers which completed the design were red amaryllis, orange carnations, dark red roses and red anthuriums. Two large red baubles were put in the top and a smaller similar design placed under the large one.

Mrs Pat Younger gave the vote of thanks on our behalf for a lovely demonstration which would get us all in the mood for Christmas. Refreshments including wine, orange juice, mince pies and shortbread were served.

The January meeting is on Wednesday, January 28, 2015, at Whittingham Memorial Institute, at 7.30pm when Dr Richard Barns will present a slide show, Fifty Favourite Flowers. Visitors welcome.