Cheviot Valleys Flower Club, May meeting

IT’S SERENDIPITY: At the May meeting of the Cheviot Valleys Flower Club, Irene Parker entertained us with a demonstration entitled Serendipity.

She began with a traditional arrangement in a triangular shaped tall metal stand.

Using interesting foliage, which included Acer, weigela, camellia, and large hosta leaves placed at various angles she filled in with pink anthuriums.

Pink sorbet avalanche roses were arranged down the centre and other flowers included white stocks, bright pink gerberas and to finish cordyline leaves in the centre.

The next design used a large fibreglass pot.

Euonymus was placed over the front with two large hosta leaves upright in the middle and one over the front of the pot.

Dark purple chrysanths were arranged through the design with dark purple carnations; white curacumba flowers and leaves, hostas and ferns completed the design. A similar design on a glass plate was placed alongside.

She used an unusual curved metal stand with a cane and sisal structure on the front for the third design. To make a flowing line she placed palm leaves over the edge of the container.

Other foliage included Acer, aspidistra leaves, some curled and fatsia leaves.

This design in yellow and peach colours was completed with roses, and small gerberas.

For the next arrangement she used a rectangular-shaped stand, but placed on its side with a basket at one end.

On the front of the basket was some twigs and ivy. Palm leaves were used for the outline, photinia, very large hosta leaves and fern with small orange roses, flowers in a lime green colour and small orange gerberas through the foliage made an interesting design.

The final arrangement had green, white and bronze colours in it.

A statue of a boy with the container in the top had marbled laurel and amaranthus trailing over.

White carnations, lisianthus, white lilies with lime green centres and green and white variegated hostas completed this design.

The final display of all the arrangements looked very colourful.

Joan Rasmussen gave the vote of thanks on our behalf for a most enjoyable evening.

The next meeting is on June 22, at 7.30pm at Whittingham Memorial Institute. It is an open meeting when Judith Clancy will present A Different View.

Tickets cost £6 and are available from Pat Hall 01665 574017.