Cheviot Valleys Flower Club, March meeting

At the March meeting of the Cheviot Valleys Flower Club, Sandra Dickinson entertained us with a demonstration of Spring Time.

She began by showing us how a clear bowl of water with pebbles/crystals/stones in the bottom and various hellebore heads floating on the water can look very effective.

Then she showed us an idea for using three bunches of 10 daffodils. One bunch was tied together with twine; the next bunch was tied round the first with the heads underneath the first bunch then the other bunch lower down. The stalks were cut to the same length. They were placed in a pot, wedged inside with oasis and moss put on the top.

She put this beside three similar ones where the daffs were in all different stages of opening out.

Using a large oval-shaped blue basket, one end was filled with plants such as tête a tête daffs, purple hyacinths, yellow pansies and primulas surrounded by moss. In the other end she had a bulb bowl containing oasis. Into this she put in laurel, tall white cherry blossom, spikes of pussy willow at varying heights and red currant. Tall white alliums, purple agapanthus, cream stocks, small purple flowers and pieces of yellow broom completed it.

The next item she showed us used a bare metal wreath base. Onto this she tied strips of mottled green and yellow material. A few large buttons were stitched onto the material. Test tubes were placed into the wreath. They each contained a parrot tulip, a large variegated ivy leaf and a piece of broom. She hung a pretend egg from the top.

A potting tray painted white with hessian draped over the edge and a bulb bowl as a container was used for the next design. Contorted hazel, laurel, ivy and box were the foliage plants put in. Then she added spikes of willow, some weeping willow with small sun flowers, yellow alstroemeria and calla lilies to complete it.

Another idea which she had made and showed us was half a brick of oasis covered completely with small flower heads, seed heads and leaves placed in rows.

She then showed us her way of doing a tied bunch using a frame made from 12 pieces of florist’s wire. A selection of flowers and foliage were put together and included purple flowers, tulips, cherry blossom, pussy willow, roses, sun flowers, gerberas and green foliage, slotted through the frame and tied. The bunch was placed in an orange box with a raffia bow on the outside.

For her final design, she used a stone-coloured urn which had fatsia leaves, large ivy, laurel, hebe and tall spikes of green cornus in the centre. To this she added variegated trailing ivy over the edge, viburnum with pink flowers beside the cornus, purple/blue delphiniums through the centre and cherry blossom over the trailing ivy.

White alliums were placed down the centre with small gerberas out to the front and down the centre. Yellow and orange roses and pieces of broom finished it off.

Vicky Oliver gave the vote of thanks on our behalf for a very interesting demonstration.

The next meeting is on Wednesday, April 22, when Kathleen Gibson will present Around the World. Members are asked to bring along a friend for no charge. It will be in the Whittingham Memorial Institute at 7.30pm.