Cheviot Valleys Flower Club, March meeting

At the March meeting of the Cheviot Valleys Flower Club, Irene Parker entertained us with a demonstration entitled All Shapes and Sizes.

She began her first design using a large oval grey metal basket into which she placed marbled laurel, to cover some of the oasis, then added tall agaria eliptica which had tassels hanging and leaves removed placing these upwards and out at the sides. Some other foliage including elaegnus limelight was put in with the laurel. Beside the tall foliage she put in white narcissi, with pink tulips and bright anemones to finish off. This design represented spring.

Using a modern glass vase in a pale brown colour and a completely different style to the first design she put in pussy willow horizontally on each side. Then she added bergenia leaves, placed at varying angles around the edge of the vase. Variegated fatshedera leaves were placed in the centre front with pale pink anthuriums of different lengths on top of the pussy willow, pink roses with a lime-green edge pointing upwards at the centre and to complete a wired net bow in pale pink under the central flowers.

The unusual third design used a classical urn shaped container with black Thai leaves straight up from the centre. Red cornus was put beside the leaves, then she cut some Thai leaves in half to make them shorter and using both halves she placed these at either side of the tall ones to make a fan shape. Rusty red bergenia leaves were put round and over the front edge. The flowers used included bright pink calla lilies placed at varying lengths down the centre and dark pink roses beside the lilies, with ivy leaves to cover the rest of the oasis.

For her next design she had a container with oasis in a metal cake tray stand. The edge of the stand had a frilly edge.

She placed small pieces of ivy all over the oasis with some pieces trailing over the edge with skimmia pieces and green carnations through it.

Three pink protea were grouped together and lime green Anastasia chrysanths placed through the design with senecio pieces to finish it off. Another arrangement of the same design was put beside it.

The final design used a large round black dish. It had three large fatsia leaves over the back edge, laurel to fill in and follow the line of the container. Palm leaves were placed in a line up from the fatsia leaves, then a line of dark red roses coming down beside the palm leaves to the front. Through the design she used mini pink gerberas, pale pink mini amaryllis and completed it with white flowers. A similar design on a stand was placed above the bowl.

Throughout her demonstration she entertained us, using a variety of shapes and sizes of containers, beautiful flowers, and interesting foliage in all different shapes. A lovely evening which concluded with Mrs Vicki Oliver giving the vote of thanks on our behalf.

The April meeting of the Flower Club is on April 24 at at Whittingham Memorial Institute when Mrs Jean Gibbon will present her demonstration – Celebrations.