Cheviot Valleys Flower Club, June meeting

MATERIAL WORLD: At the June meeting of the Cheviot Valleys Flower Club, the club welcomed visitors for our open evening. The demonstrator was Judith Clancy with her demonstration A Material World.

Using a variety of containers made from different materials she began with a glass vase, into which she put green sisal, curled twigs and a purple aconitum.

She used ivy trailing over the edge of the vase in the container on the top and large ivy leaves round the edge.

Through the foliage she put Anastasia chrysanths, a blue hydrangea in the centre with tall aconitum behind. Other flowers used were cream lilies, Nadia daisies some eryngiums and alchemilla mollis to fill in.

She finished the design with a curled gold ribbon trailing over the vase and stood a larger similar vase behind.

A grey acrylic bowl with a rectangular container in the top was the container for the next arrangement. It included bright flowers and large leaves.

At one end she placed laurel with some at the back. Fatsia leaves were grouped at the other end and two palms in the middle.

The flowers included three tall heliconias in the centre, five sunflowers at the base of the tall flowers, on the fatsia leaves, and four ginger lilies at the opposite side and Anastasia chrysanths. In one corner she placed small oranges and used some foliage to fill in.

For the third arrangement she used a tall rectangular container covered with leaves to make it look like wood.

On one side she placed large ivy leaves at varying heights with leather leaf fern and fatsia leaves opposite. She used copper beach trailing down the container and at the back.

Calla lilies were placed in a line down the centre, small fatsia leaves in front and ornamental brassicas as a focal point.

Through the design aqua roses and ferns were included with a cream phalaenopsis orchid trailing down at the front. A larger similar arrangement was placed beside this one.

The next design used an open metal frame, covered with ribbon with glass test tubes on wire in the middle. Large fatsia leaves were placed over the edge of the container with ivy at the back. Other foliage included cotinus, small fatsia leaves and small hosta leaves.

Allium heads were placed in for texture with dark purple dendrobium orchids, purple carnations, grouped together, and a yellow cymbidium orchid. Some of the flower heads from the orchid were put into the test tubes.

For her final arrangement she had a very large chocolate box with a big bow at the side and a container in the top. She began by placing tall mitsumata twigs and some copper beach in the container with cotoneaster, aucuba japonica, cotinus, ivy, curled aspidistra, large fatsia leaves, euphorbia and osmanthus. The flowers were placed to make an asymmetrical design and included peach calla lilies, roses, astilbies and leucadendrons.

The arrangements looked fabulous all together on the stage, with a wide variety of materials, containers and colours.

Mrs Vicky Oliver gave the vote of thanks on our behalf for a wonderful evening.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday, July 27,at 7.30pm in the Whittingham Memorial Institute when Mrs Anne Codd will present A Dream Unfolds. Visitors welcome.