Cheviot Valleys Flower Club, July meeting

At the July meeting of the Cheviot Valleys Flower Club, Anne Codd entertained us with Summer Time.

Using a round basket with a tall handle, she filled it with peach Avalanche roses, at varying heights and put in a few white roses. She added pale peach carnations, putting these throughout the design with a variegated pittosporum.

This basket was placed beside a white table which had a similar smaller basket on it and a small parasol. Beside the table on a white chair she put a lace parasol and fan. This represented summer in the garden.

The next design was done in a square container into which large hosta leaves at varying heights and angles were placed. Four yellow calla lilies with red edges were put down the centre, at different heights, and then red proteas, small fatsia leaves around the base of the design, two red anthuriums in the centre, red lily heads and two artichoke heads beside the anthuriums.

She used dracaena as the filler foliage, and then grouped four red gerberas at one side, completing the design with small hosta leaves and green hydrangea heads.

The design was placed on a two tier stand with a smaller design in the base.

For the third design she used a tall metal stand with a container in the top which had palm, ferns, eucalyptus, variegated hostas, leather leaf and ruscus with some of the foliage trailing over the edge.

She put in pink carnations to trail over the foliage, pink Heaven roses, five ornamental pineapples and alchemilla mollis to complete it. It represented gardens.

The theme for the next design was weddings.

Using a long low container she placed palms, euphorbia and fatsia leaves at the front.

Other flowers were added. They included white gerberas, white lisianthus, white roses in the centre and white carnations. A similar larger design was placed behind on a stand.

The last design was very modern and upright.

Into a long tray she put ferns, dried strelitzia leaves sprayed gold, silver wire, then used red lilies and red anthuriums. At the bottom she used fatsia and aspidistra leaves which were split, curled and knotted together, then dracaena to fill in between the flowers.

More foliage and flowers were added, including purple buddleja, liatris, crocosmia Lucifer, eucalyptus, red roses, gerberas and eryngiums.

Two other designs which were just as large but had yellow roses were put above the first one on stands to represent bonfires and barbecues. They looked stunning together.

Joan Rasmussen gave the vote of thanks on our behalf for a fantastic display of flowers, great designs and an interesting demonstration.

The next meeting is not until September when Val Guest will present Tantalizing Textures on September 24, at 7.30pm, in the Whittingham Memorial Institute. Visitors welcome.