Cheviot Valleys Flower Club, February meeting

At the February meeting of the Cheviot Valleys Flower Club, we had two demonstrators entertaining us.

Elizabeth Reid and Maureen Hudson presented a demonstration, Some of our Favourite Things.

Using a large bright green cupcake case filled with oasis, they put in foliage including leather leaf, myrtus, elaegnus then added small yellow and white roses with solidago.

This was placed with a tiered cupcake stand beside it with three smaller similar arrangements in cupcake cases and one in a china cup.

A solid basket was used in the next design. It was filled with cupressus to give an outline. Lilac hebe and myrtus filled in.

A lilac September flower and purple lisianthus were put through the design and stargazer lilies completed it.

Next, they showed us a nice idea using different shaped jam jars with ribbon tied round the top and filled with a variety of foliage and flowers. These were placed together on a mirror. They made a simple but interesting display.

A turquoise stone pot with a container in the top had white twigs placed upright in the middle at varying heights.

Small fatsia leaves were put at angles round the edge of the pot. Pieces of skimma were added, then different lengths of pink calla lilies beside the upright twigs. Some were put over the twigs at the sides with a few pink roses.

The fifth design was a continental arrangement in a long rectangular tray. Lime carnations were placed in a line down the centre with laurel surrounding them and pink roses and gerberas alongside.

Tree ivy, leather leaf and myrtus were used to fill in. Pieris and a gerbera were placed at either end.

For the final design, an oasis ring was covered with foliage. Pink carnations, lilac spray chrysanths and roses were placed among the foliage.

This one, plus two more similar designs, were suspended with ribbons over a tall green pole at different heights.

All the designs were different and used lovely flowers and looked stunning.

Joan Rasmussen gave the vote of thanks.

The next meeting is on Wednesday, March 26, when Jean McClure will present Fascinating Flowers at Whittingham Memorial Institute at 7.30pm. Visitors welcome.