Cheviot Valleys Flower Club, April meeting

At the April meeting of the Cheviot Valleys Flower Club, we were entertained by Kathleen Gibson with her demonstration Around the World.

Her first design was an all round one in a silver pot, which represented the ice cap.

She had placed eucalyptus over the centre of the container and added fatsia leaves sprayed white around the edges. Into the centre, she put tall white stocks, with some lower down. Then she put in choisysa with white buds, avalanche roses in a circle over the fatsia leaves.

To represent icebergs, she used white anthuriums sticking out over the edge of the pot. This was placed on white fur material with a polar bear beside it.

To represent the Great Barrier Reef she had a blue glass vase on a stalk which had pebbles in the base and turquoise material draped over the top edge.

Three tall mother-in-laws tongues were placed in the middle, with arum italicum leaves grouped at two sides and soft ruscus between. Some tropical leaves were added and pieces of cryptomeria, then flowers including proteas, bright pink and yellow celosias, gerberas which were a mixed colour of red and yellow, all in groups.

To complete the design, eryngiums, pieces of loofah coloured green on sticks and dried mushrooms on wires were included and the design was placed on a piece of glossy turquoise material with shell and a fish.

The third design which represented volcanoes used a black curved metal stand which had two containers attached. These were filled with bergenia and hedera leaves into which she put a tall phormium leaf in the centre, some cupressus, skimmia and photinia. Then adding bright pink calla lilies beside the phormium leaves at varying heights, cream polyanthus tuberoso, yellow roses with a red edge and red carnations to finish it.

The next design used a flat board on a screen. It was covered with sisal and wool in pale orange colours and represented the desert.

In the centre was a paddle container into which she put foliage including leather leaf, griselinia, trailing ivy and euonymus. Then she added yellow roses in a line on the top of one side and the bottom of the other.

A cymbidium orchid in a yellow colour with a red centre was placed between the roses at the top and in contrast a pale green one with a deep purple centre at the bottom. She used American spray chrysanths which were yellow with orange centres to complete the design.

Her final design was done in a container on the top of a tall vase which looked like a tree trunk.

This was to represent the rain forest. Palms and fatsia leaves were placed over the edge of the vase and woven palms to look like trees were put in the centre with red cordyline leaves through them.

Six birds of paradise were put next to the trees. Some spikes of cupressus were used to fill in then other flowers including a pink cymbidium orchid, a white one and a pale green one with another pink orchid at the back. She added some other tropical leaves above the flowers into the trees. A bright green lizard was placed beside the vase.

Pat Younger gave the vote of thanks on our behalf saying that we were transported around the world in an unusual and pleasant way and that the designs were all superb.

The next meeting of the Cheviot Valleys Flower Club is on May 27, at 7.30pm, Whittingham Memorial Institute when Pam Greenhill will present Just For You. Visitors welcome.