Cheviot Valleys Flower Club, April meeting

At the April meeting of the Cheviot Valleys Flower Club, Jean Gibbon entertained us with a demonstration, Celebrations.

The first design represented the celebration of spring.

Using a lovely glass bowl which had ribbon slotted through holes in the edge she grouped pieces of skimmia in the oasis, with hellebore leaves, variegated ivy and hebe, then added green hellebore flowers.

Tall daffodils were put in with lilac tulips, purple hellebore flowers and bergenia flowers.

A design to celebrate a christening was done in a container placed on a flat board with a small wooden church door behind it.

Tall pieces of laurel were placed at the back and out the front of the design, with acuba japonica alongside. Pink larkspur was used to follow the outline foliage with white trachelium through the design. Stargazer lilies completed it and a smaller design using pink carnations and gypsophilia was placed beside it.

A child’s wooden cart which had oasis in the top was used for the third design and this celebrated a wedding anniversary.

Tall pieces of forsythia at varying heights were placed in a line with rhododendron florets used to fill in along with bergenia leaves, and seed heads from rhododendrons.

Rhubus was put beside the tall forsythia with small sunflowers, Anastasia chrysanths and a pot of parsley to signify the anniversary was placed beside the cart.

A top hat decorated with parsley, a head dress which included parsley and a basket of vegetables completed the design.

The fourth design represented ‘Carnival.’

She used a bowl placed on a coloured plant stand which had purple feathers and a silver mask attached.

There were tubes hanging from the stand which were covered in pink ribbon.

She began by placing a pink orchid in the top beside the mask, then added red gerberas. Bright material and golden cupressus were put in the bowl, three calla lilies which were wired together, were put through the stand. Into the tubes she put red gerberas to finish off.

For the final design, to represent a golden gala dinner, she used a metal stand with brown and gold material draped through it.

Into the container she put cupressus, twisted hazel out at the sides, palm leaves beside the hazel. Around the edge she placed fatsia leaves in groups, other foliage to fill in, cream carnations over the edge and to complete it peach roses and dendrobium orchids through the design.

A smaller similar design was then placed at the base of the stand with some candles.

Great designs, each one for a different celebration.

Pat Younger gave the vote of thanks on our behalf, for a most interesting evening.