Cheviot Valleys, Flower Club


Vibrant collection

At the May meeting of the Cheviot Valleys Flower Club Mrs Rebecca Hough entertained us with It’s A Vibrant Life.

She began by using a wooden rectangular container, which was decorated with wire, wool and sticks on the outside.

Pieces of pittosporum were placed over the base, then using purple alliums she placed tall ones at the back, then others getting lower. Pieces of tree fern were put near the base through the alliums, aconitums and cerise roses. Yellow mini gerberas were put in, then broad leafed ruscus to fill the base. Some viburnum opulus was added and ivy woven through the front of the design.

A small bucket, which was wrapped in string, was used for the next design.

Groups of twisted and curled aspidistra leaves, pittosporum, a variegated foliage and broad leaf ruscus were used to cover the dome-shaped oasis. Pieces of tree fern were put in between the ruscus, with three stems of pussy willow wired together placed horizontally across the bucket. To complete the design, a pink cymbidium orchid was placed upright in the middle.

The third design used a foam posy pad, which had aspidistra leaves round the outside and yellow wool used to tie them in place. Some of the stems from the leaves were arranged round the outside of the top.

She used various pieces of foliage, including pittosporum, taller at the back, shorter at the front, twisted aspidistra leaves, ruscus, fern and variegated pieces. Purple iris was placed with a tall one at the back and several more getting smaller towards the front. Yellow gerberas were added, coming down through the design.

For the fourth design she had a bowl, which had been covered in moss, with bark glued on top and moss over the foam.

A few small bright pink roses were grouped together at one side, with just their heads above the moss and eryngium heads beside them. The rose stems were bound together to make a triangle shape, which was then put on the flower heads. A phalaenopsis orchid with two stems was put over the moss, its roots hanging down. It was secured with two stakes.

She then showed us how to do a hand-tie using a wire frame in the shape of a wheel, with bear grass attached to it.

The flowers used included purple iris, viburnum opulus, liatris, alstromaria, orange gerberas, eryngium, cerise roses, pink stocks and bright yellow small chrysanths, with ruscus, and ferns.

For her final design she had made a circular shape from florists’ wire, which had been covered with woven paper, hessian, ribbon and wool and mounted on a stand.

Small test tubes were attached to the shape. Into these she put yellow gerberas in a line down the centre, viburnum opulus between them, bright pink celosias and ivy woven between the flowers.

Mrs Pat Younger gave the vote of thanks on our behalf for a vibrant and different demonstration.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday, June 22, when Mrs Jean Maclure will present Strictly Jeanious, at 7.30pm, at Whittingham Memorial Institute. Members are asked to bring a friend.